Lydia Neuman is Head of Exhibitions at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lydia has worked as a textile designer, a production glassblower and weaver, a technical writer and editor, and in various soul-crushing cubicle jobs. She has taught Color Theory, American Literature, Applied Statistics, and Driver's Ed. Lydia has a master's degree in Textile Technology and Cultural Studies from UT Austin, and bachelor's degrees in Printmaking from RISD and English from Bucknell. Her non-marketable skills include tetrachromatic color vision (unverified), parallel parking, giftwrapping, and a savant-like ability to eyeball measurements. Lydia lives with her partner, Tim, who works for the U.S. Antarctic Program, and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Temoku, whose vocation has yet to be determined.